Bournemouth wedding photographer – emotional viral video

by Ian Hamilton

Emotions aren’t restricted to weddings!

As we approach the end of yet another year, there’s always an abundance of retrospective reviews of events from the past 12 months and this one’s become a bit of a You Tube hit since it was posted last week (nearly 1.5 million views!). A bit of a tear-jerker, it’s six minutes long, a montage of moments from 2012 (some silly, some serious) –  set to the music of This Will Destroy You‘s “The Mighty Rio Grande” – it includes clips about Hurricane SandyKONY 2012, the Costa Concordia disaster and the suicide of Amanda Todd. Although the video starts on a melancholy note, its latter half features more light-hearted fare such as NASA’s Mars rover landing, the London Olympics and Grumpy Cat.

Uploader Jean-Louis Nguyen encouraged viewers to share his creation.

It was a year of breakthroughs, adversity, accomplishments. And the web shared all of it” he wrote on the video’s page. “From the highest sky-dive to the fastest running man, a first vote or last mission, joys and tragedies, grumpy cats and flash mobs, whatever it is that we share in 2012, here is a compilation.

What do YOU think was the most memorable moment of 2012?

Hope that you have great New Year and that it brings you everything you want ……

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