Bournemouth wedding photographer and Poole photography studio join forces

Bournemouth wedding photographer and Poole photography studio team up

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve teamed up with the leading photography studio in the area – DK Capture.

I’ve known David King, the owner, for many years and we’ve previously referred clients to one another – why? Well, we both firmly believe that too many photographers these days try to cover all types of photography. David loves working in the studio, doing portraiture and commercial shoots. I love shooting outdoors, doing weddings and portraiture. If you’re going to get the best results, you need to work with specialists – that’s true of many professions, and particularly so with photography.

So it was a natural progression for us to formalise our professional relationship and promote one another’s services.

In David’s words ….

“Here at DK Capture Photography & Studio Hire, professional portrait and commercial photographers, there are a few areas of photography we do not cover and one of them being Weddings.

Many photographers will cover weddings as part of their vast services they provide. We like to be the best at what we are good at rather than being a “Jack of all trades” which is why we recommend wedding photographers rather than providing a services to which we feel wouldn’t give 100% to.

We are delighted to say we have teamed up with the very talented ianH photography to offer a recommendation for all our clients looking for a wedding photographer.

Word of mouth and recommendation are the best way to ensure you get a service people like and respect.

From my perspective, I’m not a studio photographer (I much prefer shooting in the world’s largest studio … the great outdoors!) and I have no qualms in recommending anyone interested in either studio portraiture or commercial work to get in touch with David.


See more of my wedding photography across Dorset and Hampshire or contact me now to book your wedding date!

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