Black and White Challenge Day 3

One of my favourite BW wedding images in the Black and White Challenge Day 3

So, it’s onto the third of this friendly little challenge going around Facebook between professional photographers. It’s to share a different BW image for each of 5 consecutive days. So thanks to my friend John Fox (who I met in Venice last year on the wedding workshop), here’s my submission for the Black and White Challenge Day 3.

Black and White Challenge Day 3

This shot’s from a couple of years ago, as Kate and Tim’s special day with Beach Weddings Bournemouth. All of the family members got ready in the morning at the Chine Hotel in Bournemouth (but the Bride and Groom kept separate, don’t worry!). Whilst Tim and the guys were sorting themselves out in the hotel reception, Tim’s Aunt appeared. She came over to him and gave him a hug. This is that shot. Plain. Simple. Natural. Nothing staged. Now normally in wedding photographs it’s all about the look in the eyes, but you can’t see their eyes. You don’t need to. All of the emotion’s in the body language. Tim’s hand on her back. Her hand clasped at the back of his neck, their heads together. The hug. Perhaps that’s what I should call this shot, what do you think?

This, to me, is what wedding photography’s all about. The emotion and love on the day. Not endless shots of shoes, flowers and details. But the people. Yes, details are important, but nowhere near as important as the people. The people you invite to the most important day of your life. Your new life together.

If you’d like to see some more of my work, pop over and take a look at my 2014 wedding photography highlights video.

So, stay tuned and watch out over the course of the next few days as I progress through the Black & White Challenge.

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Blog Post: Black and White Challenge Day 3

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