Bellissimo Weddings – cake!

As a wedding photographer, I get to meet up with lots of really nice people through the year. I’m not “just” talking about Brides, Grooms, their families and friends. I’m talking about other people in the wedding industry. Wedding vendors who I respect and admire. People who I can recommend to my clients.

This morning was a chance for me to switch off from editing and take a coffee break. With cake! Now what could be better than coffee and cake? Well, not much in my books, unless you add in the fact that it was done in aid of charity!

Melanie and her lovely team from Bellissimo Weddings in Westbourne organised a cake morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity whose work is very close to my heart. As well as being the driving force behind Bellissimo Weddings, Beach Weddings Bournemouth and Simply Events (phew!), Melanie’s the Regional Ambassador for the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners. She organised this event to allow wedding vendors from all spheres to get together informally for a chat (and cake!). Although being involved in the wedding industry seems glamorous, it often involves long hours, working alone (tell me about it!) and not really having a social life. If you can imagine being in an office and not speaking to anyone for an entire day, even at the coffee machine or over lunch, that’s the reality of a working day for many a person involved with weddings. These coffee mornings are a great way to take a break and catch up with old friends – and make some new ones too.

Here are just a couple of sneak peeks from this morning’s event. You can find more on my Facebook page, so why not hop over and take a look?

Now, where did I put that cake? ………… 🙂

Bellissimo Weddings - cake!


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