Beach Weddings Bournemouth – such a happy couple

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – such a happy couple

Yaay, we’re officially now into Spring (well, by one day anyway!). Hopefully that means we’ll soon be seeing an improvement in the weather for everyone getting married in Dorset and Hampshire over the coming months. To celebrate, I thought we’d have a fun photograph for “Image of the week”. If you’re looking for fun, then look no further than Lucy and Stu as they tied the knot last Summer with Beach Weddings Bournemouth – such a happy couple!


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I’m very lucky in that all of my clients are lovely, which is one reason why I have such a great job! Lucy and Stu were indeed, a lovely couple, and it was an absolute delight to be able to capture their special day. That day started with the Bridal prep, as Lucy and the girls got themselves sorted out. It’s always fun shooting the prep, and it’s a great chance to build a rapport with Mum and Dad and the bridesmaids!

Down on the sands, Lucy and Stu’s wedding ceremony was a hoot! So many emotions on display (and yes, Lucy did cry during her vows!) and loads and loads of smiles … not only the happy couple but family and friends as well. After the Registrar had pronounced them Husband and Wife (with the obligatory kiss as well of course!) Lucy turned around to her family and I caught her expression. It’s almost a case of “yaay, we’ve done it!” and would make for a great caption competition! 🙂

Wedding photography at Beach Weddings Bournemouth

If you’re considering getting married at Beach Weddings Bournemouth, or anywhere else in Dorset or Hampshire, please get in touch. I’m delighted to be a recommended photographer at Beach Weddings Bournemouth as well as a number of the leading Dorset wedding venues and would be delighted to have a chat about what you want out of your wedding day, and how you want it recorded. Please use the contact form here on my website and I look forward to hearing from you.


Blog post: Beach Weddings Bournemouth – such a happy couple

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