Beach Weddings Bournemouth – love on the beach

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – love on the beach

It seems rather appropriate that, with tomorrow marking the opening of the third season for Beach Weddings Bournemouth, today’s selection for “Image of the week” features a beach wedding! This charming image is from Lucy and Stu’s lovely wedding day down on the sand, so welcome to “Beach Weddings Bournemouth – love on the beach“!


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Lucy and Stu had a fantastic wedding day on the beach, and continued their celebration afterwards at Urban Reef, at Boscombe Pier. Now it’s not exactly a 5 minute stroll between wedding venue and evening reception, so they hired 2 of the so-called “Noddy trains” to transport the wedding party along the promenade, much to the joy of passing holidaymakers!

Now, the beach plays a very important part in Lucy and Stu’s lives – they love being down on the sand, so what better place to get married than at Beach Weddings Bournemouth? In fact, Stu actually proposed to Lucy “above ” the water …. at the end of Boscombe Pier to be precise, so later in the day we took some photographs at that exact spot …. aahh! 🙂

Anyway, back to this photograph …..

Weddings are wonderful occasions, full of joy and emotion. Lots of loving going on, family and friends helping to make this most special of days so memorable. But it’s also quite intimidating for some couples, being the centre of attention for a whole day. That’s why I take by couples off for a while, away from everyone, and allow them to be alone. This photograph was taken as Lucy and Stu walked back along the beach – spontaneous, not prompted …. a kiss between husband and wife. These are the moments to treasure.

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If you’re considering getting married at Beach Weddings Bournemouth, or anywhere else in Dorset or Hampshire, please get in touch. I’m delighted to be a recommended photographer at Beach Weddings Bournemouth as well as a number of the leading Dorset wedding venues and would be delighted to have a chat about what you want out of your wedding day, and how you want it recorded. Please use the contact form here on my website and I look forward to hearing from you.


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