Beach Weddings Bournemouth live on TV

ITV Bournemouth beach wedding

After the really early start to the day we moved towards the wedding ceremony itself, which was to be broadcast LIVE on ITV Daybreak sometime around 8:15am! Considering that everyone had so little sleep the night before the atmosphere was really buzzing, with interviews being done to camera and then edited back in the studio before being used as links on the build-up.

It was quite a bizarre state of affairs, because the wedding photographer’s usually pretty much in charge of how things flow on the day, but this time I was restricted by the TV crew – I could only stand in certain places, I would only move into my spot when the Floor Manager said it was OK and that I wouldn’t be caught on camera and once I was in place for the ceremony I’d had to stay there until the cameras had been turned off …… which slightly restricts your creative abilities a bit!

I managed to catch some shots of Kate as she made her way from the cliff-lift down onto the beach, followed by the final preparations behind the curtain of the marquee – the local TV crew managed to catch me quickly a couple of times on film!

Dorset wedding photographer caught on film by Meridian TV as he shoots the first beach wedding in Bournemouth

Nipping around the side of the marquee and in through the catering area (so glamorous my life!) I waited for the Floor Manager to give me the nod that I could move into position by the wedding hut itself – which, considering I was sharing it with two huge TV cameras and a large HMI light meant I didn’t exactly have a lot of space to work with!

The bridal party was led down the aisle by the couple’s neice and nephew, who looked so sweet and did a great job bearing in mind they were being watched by over a million people!

Page Boy and Flower Girl lead the wedding party - Dorset wedding photography

Kate looked stunning in her Amanda Wakeley dress as she arrived by Frazer’s side and the ceremony started …. it was obvious that they’re a couple very much in love, and the tenderness really showed in the looks that they gave each other as they took their vows.

Bride and Groom exchange their vows in the Bournemouth beach wedding - Dorset wedding photographer

After the nerve-wracking part of exchanging vows broadcast live on TV there was time to relax and let out the tension with some gentle words and a laugh –

Bride and Groom smiling after their exchange of wedding vows on Bournemouth beach - Dorset wedding photographer

With the formalities of the signing of the Register completed, some final interviews with the TV studio, it was time for the cameras to leave Kate and Frazer to enjoy the rest of their day with family and friends.

So, to round off with one of my favourite images from the day – another moment of tenderness and quiet reflection as Kate and Frazer prepared to be announced to their guests at the wedding breakfast, held at the Marriott Highcliffe ……

Bride and Groom after their wedding on Bournemouth beach, by Dorset wedding photographer

This was a fabulous day that even the unseasonable weather couldn’t dampen, and it was a real privilege to be a part of the team for this first wedding on Bournemouth beach …… congratulations Mr & Mrs Seed.


Dorset wedding photographer


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