Beach Weddings Bournemouth – ice cream mayhem!

Beach Weddings Bournemouth –  ice cream and a sunny day equals perfection!

Now, come on, be honest with me. What could be nicer at a beach wedding in the Summer than an ice-cream? Well, of course the champagne, but ice-cream and the beach were made for each other weren’t they?

This week’s selection for “Image of the week” is from the recent wedding of Emma and James at Beach Weddings Bournemouth. I’ll shortly be posting some sneak peeks from their day, but I couldn’t resist this shot!

After the ceremony the Bridal party enjoyed champagne on the beach, basking in the sun and watching the waves lap gently onto the shore. Emma and James had chosen to have the ice cream trike at their wedding – always one of my favourites (can’t think why!).

Now, the problem with ice cream is that it melts in the sun. Quickly. And that lovely chocolate sauce? Gets really runny doesn’t it? So it’s not surprising that there might have been an opportunity for a photograph, is it?

That’s just what happened to Emma’s Dad, just as he was starting to enjoy it! I love this photo – really sums up the fun and relaxed wedding. James pointing out that everything was melting. The girls smiling in the background. This is what wedding photography’s all about. Capturing moments that will bring a smile to the face and trigger memories of these very special days in our lives.

Beach Weddings Bournemouth - ice cream mayhem as it melts

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Technical info

Camera: Nikon D700. Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8. ISO: 640. Exposure: 1/320th at f6.3

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – your perfect wedding venue?

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Blog post: Beach Weddings Bournemouth – ice cream mayhem! 

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