Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Father’s dance

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Father’s dance

With the start of the third season for Beach Weddings Bournemouth looming (well, just a week away), it seems appropriate to post one of my favourite images from the first season down on the beach. There have so many wonderful weddings I’ve photographed with the team from Beach Weddings Bournemouth that’s it’s difficult to choose favourites, but this is one. It’s from Tiffany and George’s lovely wedding and it’s my chosen “image of the week” entitled “Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Father’s dance“.


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Weddings are probably one of most complex events that photographers face on a regular basis. Sure, there are other shoots that are dangerous, or involve huge teams and expensive locations but there’s so much riding on a photographer’s shoulders at a wedding. First, it’s a one-off. I can’t say “hmmn, that didn’t work too well, let’s set up another shoot”! I have to get it right, every time, no second chance. Wedding photographers have to be able to shoot a variety of styles during the day – portraits, groups, fashion, landscape, product …. and there’s probably more I’ve forgotten! We deal with the weather, the venue, the people ….. and all of those can be challenging! But it’s great fun, and if someone says they don’t enjoy shooting weddings then they really shouldn’t be doing it – it’s not fair to take a client’s money if you’re not going to invest 100% of yourself into shooting their wedding day.

Wedding photography today is about capturing the day, the people, the details and, most importantly, the emotions. And emotions are certainly on display here, as Tiffany and her Father enjoy a dance after their wedding reception on the beach. This wasn’t a posed shot, and the dance wasn’t even scheduled – it was just an impromptu event. Family and friends were relaxing and enjoying themselves, the music was playing in the background. Then a particular track started up, and before we knew it, Father and Daughter were dancing. It was obvious from their expressions that they loved and cared for each other dearly, and the emotions were certainly on display.

It’s moments like this that stick in my mind from weddings – not the formals. Moments that mean a lot, no, that’s wrong – these moments mean everything!

Wedding photography at Beach Weddings Bournemouth

If you’re considering getting married at Beach Weddings Bournemouth, or anywhere else in Dorset or Hampshire, please get in touch. I’m delighted to be a recommended photographer at Beach Weddings Bournemouth as well as a number of the leading Dorset wedding venues and would be delighted to have a chat about what you want out of your wedding day, and how you want it recorded. Please use the contact form here on my website and I look forward to hearing from you.


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