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Looking back over weddings it’s amazing to think how quickly time flies! It certainly doesn’t seem a year since Lucy and Stu’s lovely day with Beach Weddings Bournemouth. However, their special day is the one I’ve chosen for “Image of the Week”, entitled “Bridal Prep” …

There are many elements to a wedding day. The ceremony. The reception. The wedding breakfast. The First Dance. But, ahead of all of those is one of my favourites – the Bridal Prep.

As I mentioned, Lucy and Stu chose to have their wedding with Beach Weddings Bournemouth. It was the perfect venue for  them, totally matching their relaxed and fun-loving nature. Lucy asked if I could photograph the Bridal preparations at their home, so early that morning I made my way across to start building the record of that special day.

Bridal Prep (or Preparations to use the full term) is a chance to spend time with the ladies! The Bride, her Mum, Bridesmaids … in fact, there’s usually only two men at the house, myself and her Dad! The ladies always seem to have so much fun, but then again, there’s usually a bottle of bubbly around somewhere.

I know some photographers who will “stage” a scene, making sure the Bride’s in the best light, and creating the “perfect” image. Personally, I prefer to capture events as they happen – it’s much more natural. Of course, that sometimes means it’s more challenging …. but that’s part of my job!

Why do I love this image?  Well, I’d worked out that I could get Lucy’s reflection in the mirror whilst she was having her nails done. The kitchen table’s full of the paraphernalia that ladies seem to have (sorry, but it’s true!) when getting ready. Mum’s watching, and who knows what thoughts are going through her mind?

By not staging the shot, I’ve captured Lucy’s natural expression and her character – something that you just can’t do when it’s posed. To me it’s a story of Mother and Daughter, on a day that will change both of their lives (and their relationship to each other) forever.

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Techy stuff … Camera Nikon D700; Lens: Nikkor 50mm f1.4; ISO 800; Exposure: 1/160th at f4.5

Beach Weddings Bournemouth Bridal Prep - looking in the mirror

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Blog post: Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Bridal Prep 

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