Beach Weddings Bournemouth bonanza

Beach Weddings Bournemouth Anniversaries – time to celebrate

Double beach wedding celebrations on the Blog today! “Happy Anniversary” wishes to Kate and Frazer, and also to Caroline and Ross.

Kate and Frazer were the first couple ever to marry on the beach in the UK! To celebrate the launch of Beach Weddings Bournemouth at the end of 2011, GMTV held a competition to find a couple who’d like to be the first to get married on a beach. After a long process and the public voting on their favourites, Kate and Frazer were declared the winners. They got married three years ago today, in front of the TV cameras, live on GMTV’s Daybreak programme, at around 8:30am. That meant I was shooting the Bridal preparations at 4:30am – not exactly my favourite time of the day! Working around a TV crew was a new experience for me as a wedding photographer, but it was great fun. They’re a wonderful couple and I’ve met up with them several times since their wedding when they visit Bournemouth.

Beach Weddings Bournemouth

Caroline and Ross are today celebrating the second anniversary of their lovely beach wedding. The weather for their day was so different from Kate and Frazer’s the previous year. Whilst Kate and Frazer had to contend with showers and a fair breeze, Caroline and Ross enjoyed a warm day with sunshine and blue skies! Sunglasses and sunscreen were definitely the order of the day for their guests.

Before the wedding Ross shared a little secret with me. He’d arranged a very special treat for Caroline – her very own air-show! Now obviously it was very dependent on the weather, so I breathed a sigh of relief when the day dawned bright and clear. As the alloted time approached I kept an eye on the horizon, whilst trying not to be obvious that anything was up! Then a small speck appeared in the sky, got closer and as it approached the marquee, started its display – trailing smoke as the pilot went through her acrobatic routine. The holidaymakers along the beach must have wondered what was going on! We had a brilliant day and, like most of my couples, Caroline and Ross keep in touch.

Bournemouth wedding photographer
Beach Weddings Bournemouth bonanza

So, congratulations to all of you – Kate and Frazer, Caroline and Ross. Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of being part of your very special days at Beach Wedings Bournemouth. xx

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Blog post: Beach Weddings Bournemouth bonanza


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