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A beach. A bench. A conversation. And a dog.

Updated: Jan 1

If there's one thing that COVID and lockdown ( versions 1 and 2) has given me, and that's time. Time to think about what I do and how I want to spend my life. Time to reflect on what's important to me.

Time is strange. Mostly we seem to have not enough, and sometimes too much. Rarely do we seem to get the right balance.

But the recession in the wedding industry has given me time to do many things and one of them is to take more photographs. For me. Not for clients. And it's really refreshing. Having time to enjoy photography without any pressure. To go back to shooting for myself. And I'm enjoying it.

Sometimes it's just the iPhone. Sometimes it's my digital cameras. And now, it's also the chance to wind the clock back to my roots, and to shoot film.

This image is just a quick shot on the phone. But I love it. The simplicity. Two friends enjoying a chat on the beach, oblivious to anyone around them. Enjoying their time together.



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