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Asian wedding – Piazza San Marco Venice

It has to be said that shooting destination weddings seems like a nice idea! Don’t get me wrong, being a Dorset wedding photographer is great, and we have some lovely venues and locations. I guess it’s just that the grass is always greener somewhere else. Well, to be honest, there’s very little grass in Venice, which is where this post is based. 🙂

If you’ve been following my Blog you’ll know that in October I had the pleasure of attending a wedding Masterclass in Venice with Yervant. Stunning locations, beautiful models, great weather – what else could a wedding photographer ask for? Anyway, let’s get back on track ….

Venice has to be one of THE magnets for tourists from around the world. It’s unique, and love it or hate it, nowhere else comes anywhere close. It’s a miracle of engineering, seeing as how it’s built on dozens of tiny islands in a lagoon. It’s stylish, it’s decaying and it’s VERY busy! Stay away from the Summer – it’s heaving with tourists. Visit early Spring or in the Autumn – it’ll be a lot quieter and you’ll have time to savour the delights of this beautiful city. Take a trip away from the main streets and explore the “real” Venice, I promise it’ll be SO rewarding.

Wedding couples LOVE Venice. In fact, whilst we were there, a certain Mr & Mrs Clooney were being chased around the city’s canals by the paparazzi! Couples come from all over the world to be photographed in this beautiful city. Some get married in Venice, others bring their wedding outfits with them and have a post-wedding shoot here. Asian couples in particular seem to favour the latter. I lost count of the number of times I saw Asian couples in the alleyways, the girls gathering up their dresses to squeeze through the crowds and their husbands carrying their camera and smartphones for the “selfies”. 🙂

This couple brought their photographer (and his assistant) with them, and had the idea of shooting a lovely romantic portrait in St. Mark’s Square. Just one problem – they decided to shoot in the middle of the day, crowds milling around and pigeons fluttering about. It’s a nice idea, but if they’d shot earlier in the day the light would have been better (less harsh) and there would have been fewer people around. As professional wedding photographers we can shoot anywhere we need to, but sometimes it’s better to look for the light and the location. Sure, that means our clients may have to compromise and change their plans, but on your special day, isn’t it worth spending extra time to make sure you get stunning images? 🙂

Asian wedding - Piazza San Marco Venice

Anyhow, if you’re looking for a Dorset wedding photographer (or even a destination wedding photographer) please get in touch for a chat. Use the contact form, give me a few details and I’ll be in touch. I’m delighted to be a recommended wedding photographer at several of the leading Dorset wedding venues, and with many years experience of shooting weddings I can help you with advice and guidance to make your special day run even more smoothly.

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Blog post: Asian wedding – Piazza San Marco Venice


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