Are you afraid of being left behind by technology?

Is technology taking over your life?

There’s an interesting article on the BBC News website today about something called “Trendfear” ….

Do you ever have a worry that things are moving so quickly in the world today you’ll miss out on something and get left behind? Should you be on Pinterest? How often should you be Blogging, Tweeting, updating Facebook, checking into Foursquare ….. the list goes on, and on, and on!

Some people choose to say “I’m not interested”, and ignore the siren calls of smartphones and iPads, but what if you have a job or (perhaps more importantly) your own business where you HAVE TO keep in touch with breaking news and the latest trends? Do you feel alienated if you find out something in a news bulletin on the TV instead of seeing a Facebook update or Tweet a couple of hours earlier? Do you have to know everything, right now?

Do you avidly read the social media Blogs and check out the latest websites, tools and trends – Flipboad, Zite, Summly or whatever?

If that’s a description of you, then why not switch off the phone, close the lid on the laptop, and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for a couple of years?

I have to admit that over the past 12 months or so I’ve noticed that I spend a lot more time on social media than I used to! Getting a smartphone was a great idea – to keep in touch with clients and respond to enquiries quickly, but what’s happened? It’s switched on at breakfast so I can check emails and social media (no, I don’t leave it switched on 24 hours a day!) – it peeps and pings at me during the day telling me I’ve got updates, and I check it in the evening when it should be family time! So, yes, it’s had a negative impact in some respects.

Why not let me know how you feel about technology, and whether it’s taking over your life?



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