Advice on wet weather weddings

Wet weather weddings

Every Bride’s nightmare? Well, perhaps, but it need not be the cause of sleepless nights. Let me give you my advice on how to deal with a wet weather wedding day.

Over the years, I’ve seen my fair share of wet weather weddings.

From days where there’s been the odd shower.

To days where it’s just seemed to rain incessantly.

I know that we all want a wedding day to be lovely. Dry. Hopefully sunny. And, depending on the time of year, warm.

But we all know there’s one thing that no-one can control. No matter how much planning and how many spreadsheets you may prepare. And that’s the weather!

It’s a fact of life that the weather in the UK can be really unpredictable. Sometimes that’s good, but mostly it’s a bit of a pain. But we’re used to it. Holidays. Days out. All get messed around at some time by the weather.

But a wedding day is even more important than a holiday or a trip to the beach. If you could have one day in your life when you’d like to be able to guarantee nice weather, I guess most people would say it’s your wedding day.

Being able to enjoy your drinks reception outside. Mingle with friends and family. Have wedding photographs taken in a lovely location with the sun shining. That, I reckon, would be what most wedding couples want.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out like that. Sometimes, we end up getting a little damp from a shower. Sometimes we even get soaked from a downpour!

So, what can you do to make the best of a wet wedding day?

Advice on wet weather weddings

I guess there are a number of things that you should think about on this subject when you’re planning your wedding.

Firstly, talk to your venue about their contingency plans for a wet wedding day. That drinks reception on the lawn won’t happen if it’s bucketing down outside. Where will the guests be able to relax and mingle? Do they have anywhere that the family photos could be taken?

Talk to your photographer. Have they shot at the venue before and do they have any ideas of where they can shoot if it’s raining?

On the subject of photography, be flexible when it comes to specific shots or groups that you may want. Most wedding photographers, if they’ve been shooting for a few years, can cope with a rainy day wedding, but we can’t perform miracles. If there’s nowhere large enough indoors to get your combined families’ photo, or a group shot, they can’t perform miracles. Listen to your photographer, and take their advice.

Be flexible

I think that the key to making the most of your wedding day is to be flexible with regards to the arrangements. ALL of them! Don’t stress about the timings. Let the professionals that you’ve hired to provide services on the day do their job. They know what needs to be done, and they’ll talk to each other and make it happen. Your specific timings on that multi-page Excel spreadsheet may go out of the window, but your day will happen.

Most importantly. Relax. Enjoy your day. You can’t control the weather. Sure, it’s disappointing if it rains, but don’t let it ruin your day.

Let me prove a point about relaxing and letting the day flow …….

A very wet wedding in Studland

Last year I had the privilege of shooting Natalie and Ben’s wedding at a stunning venue in Dorset. With their wedding reception on manicured lawns overlooking Poole Bay it was set to be a magnificent day. Guests would wander across the lawns in the Summer sunshine, drinks in their hands, and enjoy the stunning views. But it rained. All day. Well, except for a 20 minute window where we managed to get a few family and group shots. A disaster? No, quite the contrary.

Yes, Natalie and Ben were disappointed about the weather. Who wouldn’t be? But they were realistic enough to know that any wedding in the UK’s subject to the vagaries of our weather. Heck, even their engagement shoot was in the rain! They didn’t complain or moan once. They shrugged their shoulders, smiled and had a fantastic day. And, to be honest, it was one of the the nicest weddings that I’ve photographed in my 25+ years of being a photographer. It was absolutely delightful.

I’ve put a few shots from their day below to show you that wet weather weddings can and should be fun. Oh, and in case you’re wondering – the photos aren’t out of sequence! The guest enjoyed a cream tea before the Church ceremony! 🙂

wet weather wedding umbrella
wet weather wedding guests black and white
smiles at wet weather wedding
rain pouring down at Studland wedding
happy guests at wet Studland wedding
raindrops at a wedding
guys arriving with umbrellas at rainy wedding
Bride under an umbrella leaving for the Church
Bride and Groom under an umbrella
confetti on a wet wedding day
guests and umbrellas
Umbrellas by the sea

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