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A very different Christmas

Updated: Jan 1

It has to be said that 2020’s been a real pain, & the Boxing Day changes that put so many people into Tier 4 have certainly made Christmas a very different affair for millions. I guess that over the next week or so there will be more restrictions put in place across the country, but at the moment we're lucky to live in a Tier 2 area. Hopefully next year will see us benefiting from the effects of the vaccines, but until then, we all have to play a part in keeping the virus at bay, by adhering to the rules and maintaining social distancing.

We have a Boxing Day tradition of going for a walk, to clear the head and fool ourselves into thinking we've burned off a few calories from Christmas Day's excesses! Today it was down to Avon Beach in Christchurch, which wasn't too busy and gave us plenty of space to enjoy the beach and maintain social distancing.

I was drawn, once again, to this little beach bench and its occupants. I think I may end up doing a series of photos on this subject over the next few months, both here and also on the promenade in Bournemouth - seeing people gazing out to sea, alone in their thoughts, just draws me in .... can't explain why.

Anyway, stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones ....

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