A storm brewing | Fuji X100

One of the benefits of a small camera like the Fuji X100 series is that you can keep it close all of the time. Perfect for quick grab shots. True, I’ve also got a small Canon Powershot which is great for carrying around, but I just love the Fuji. Superseded now by the S and T versions, it still holds its own in my opinion. Here’s a perfect example from late yesterday – looked outside the back door and saw the ominous clouds building ahead of the storm (oh boy, did it rain!). Grabbed the Fuji, set it to f4 (it’s always on Auto-ISO) and pressed the shutter release. 10 seconds later it’s on my phone, a quick tweak in Snapseed and it’s on Instagram. Hang on, 10 seconds to the phone? The original X100 doesn’t have wi-fi capability. No, but mine does, courtesy of a wi-fi card. I’ll tell you more in another post.

Fuji X100 captures a storm brewing in Dorset

Fuji X100: 1/550th second, f4, ISO 400 @ 23mm

It’s been said that the best camera’s the one that you have with you. Well, sometimes you wish you’d brought a better camera along, but most of the time, this little Fuji X100 does everything I ask of it.

I’ll be sharing some more personal images as time goes by.


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