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Choosing the right wedding photographer’s probably the most important decision you’ll make regarding your wedding day, so it pays to make sure you choose carefully.

It’s difficult, I know. It’s an expensive process, getting married. It’s tempting to cut corners.

Choosing a photographer’s very similar to the process you’ll go through with choosing your wedding dress – let me explain:

You look at the wedding magazines and admire the stunning dresses. You scour the wedding blogs and Pinterest boards for ideas. You come up with some ideas and visit some Bridal shops. In your mind you know exactly the dress that you want for your wedding and how much you’re going to pay for it. You try it on and find that it’s not quite right for you. You try on some more. Visit some more shops until you find the one that is right. It might not be the one you’d had in mind at the start. It might be more expensive than you’d originally planned. But it’s your wedding day. It’s important to you that you look and feel like a million dollars. In that wedding dress you feel special, you feel comfortable. You feel “right”.

It’s the same with wedding photographers.

If you’ve had a look though my site and arrived at this page then I hope you’ve decided that MY style of wedding photography matches YOUR needs (If you’re still undecided and unsure about what the differences are in photographers’ styles then check out my blog post and my wedding portfolio). If you Google for “wedding photographers” in any area of the country you’ll get hundreds of results, but not all photographers are the same! The choice of the best wedding photographer for one couple will be different to the best photographer for another couple’s requirements.

Bournemouth wedding photographer - emotion

If you like my style you’ll realise it’s different from other photographers’.

You want a photographer who:

  • Captures the emotions, the events and the people
  • Delivers clean, crisp images that will be timeless and a pleasure to look back on in years to come
  • Is discreet and unobtrusive
  • Will keep you relaxed in front of the camera
  • Won’t make you pose for hours and takes dozens of formal photographs
  • You can trust, implicitly, with the responsibility
  • Has the experience to deal with anything that comes up on the day
  • Has the ability to produce beautiful portraits of you on your special day – after all, you’ll never spend this much on yourself for one day ever again!

In return I promise to:

  • Not make you adopt awkward poses and do something you’re not comfortable with
  • Not drag you away from your guests for hours – you need to be there with them, enjoying your wedding day
  • Be as unobtrusive and interfere as little as possible with the day
  • Make the “photography thing” as enjoyable as possible for you!


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We all know the old saying “You get what you pay for”, and it’s true across so many areas of our lives. That saying holds true with wedding photography – it’s important to judge not on price, but on the quality of the work photographers produce. You’re investing a lot in your special day, and you need to invest in the photographs as part of that.

With all of the expense of the day itself it’s tempting to cut back on the wedding photography and ask a friend or family member with a nice camera to shoot the day for you, and I understand that – the problem is that you may be entrusting your most special day to someone who’s only been to a few weddings, who might not know how the day flows, who lacks the confidence to take control of events when necessary, who doesn’t have professional back-up equipment or the training/experience in shooting in all weather (and lighting) conditions and delivering high quality results. This is what professional wedding photographers do at every wedding they shoot – there’s no second chance …. the photographer has to get it right first time!

Professional wedding photographers are just that … professionals. It may seem that you’re paying a lot for what you consider to be just a few hours’ work, but in reality you’re paying for the experience, time and continual training that each professional in my industry goes through – not “just” on the wedding day itself, but in the days of work after the wedding as they edit your photographs.

Durlston Castle wedding in the rain


If I can ask you to do one thing, it’s to choose the very best wedding photographer that you can afford, and if that means perhaps reducing the budget slightly on other elements you’ll be investing in someone who gives you the only tangible evidence of the events on your wedding day. Surely that’s worth much more than anything else, isn’t it?

Check out my guide on “Things to know about your wedding photography” in the FAQ about wedding photography section on this site.

Sopley Mill wedding - guests arriving

“I would consider Ian to be a pure expert in his field and a true pleasure to work with. Ian has a calming influence when you work with him but still has the ability to get the right shots needed. Essential attributes for a wedding or portrait photographer – making the subject feel at ease. Ian offers a high level of service – reliable and punctual and professional throughout and clearly a talented photographer. I would not hesitate to recommend Ian as a photographer” Melanie Kiani, owner of Bellissimo Wedding & Events and Beach Weddings Bournemouth


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