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We all have memories of our special days, and yet our memories fade so quickly.

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A great piece of advice from Ian Baugh, Director of Queensberry Albums on the importance of a wedding album as part of your photographic coverage

In this digital age of instant gratification, it’s easy to think that wedding albums might be old-fashioned. True, the albums that your parents have are out-dated, but times have moved on. But it’s precisely because things are moving so quickly with technology that I think there’s still a really valid argument to be made for having a wedding album.

No matter how good your TV or your monitor is, there’s absolutely nothing that beats seeing your wedding photographs in print. Being able to touch them, pass them around. It’s so much nicer than staring at a screen.


Your wedding album is not just for you – it’s for the generations that haven’t been born yet … something for them to treasure in years to come.

There are many manufacturers offering albums and photobooks these days, and some of them are quite good, but I have to be honest and say that if you’re looking for an album that will last for years, that you can hand down to your children and grandchildren, you need to invest in a professionally produced album. I can hear you asking “OK, what’s the difference between a professional album and something I can order from the Internet?” ….. so, let’s go through a few ….

  • The quality of construction. More expensive albums can be hand-bound or machine -bound, but all of them have quality control oversight, ensuring that the finished article meets the manufacturer’s exacting standards
  • The quality of the paper. Printing paper comes in different weights, and professional albums use heavier weight paper, or photographic paper, which lasts much longer
  • The quality of the printing. Professional album manufacturers work with photographers to ensure that colours are reproduced faithfully and accurately, which means that things like skin-tones print normally …. would you want your wedding album to make you look as though you’d spent too much time on the sun-bed?


Bespoke luxury wedding albums, designed for you

Some wedding photographers compromise on the quality of the albums that they supply, in an effort to reduce their costs. In my opinion this is (to be brutally honest) wrong. As I’ve said, a wedding album is something that should be handed down as a keepsake to future generations. This is why I’m very selective about the albums that I will supply to my clients.

I’ll work with you to design an album that matches your style, your preferences (and your favourite colours even). A luxury wedding album that’s bespoke, just for you. It will reflect your personalities, not only with the images but with its style and finish.

It’s always great to watch the excitement of couples as they open their wedding album for the very first time, lingering as they turn each page. Remembering their special day as the memories come flooding back. There’s usually a tear or two as well.

I’m delighted to be a supplier of the gorgeous Graphistudio Albums, made in Italy. I’m also very honoured to be one of a limited number of Affiliated Photographers for Jorgensen Albums (one of the world’s premium album manufacturers). In addition I can also supply albums by Queensberry.

What sizes and finishes are available? Well, the choices are almost limitless (far too many to include on my website), so why not get in touch and we can start the conversation that will result in the first heirloom on your new life together. Something that you can share with the generations to come.

Check out this Blog post that I wrote about the stylish new Young Book range from Graphistudio – could be what you’re looking for! The new Young Book

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