Time to catch up ….

It’s been so hectic in the past week that I’ve not been able to update the Blog! I spent a great couple of days in Somerset last week on a model shoot – we had a fantastic location and some brilliant models … Chloe, Sarah and Fran. The weather was brilliant and not too hot – just as well bearing in mind the number of clothes changes they had! Got some great images and it worked out really well.

I’d only had time to unpack, sort out the gear and do some initial editing before I went off the cover the Prom Ball for one of the area’s top schools – the kids were great fun and were queuing up to have their photos taken (we even had to delay the meal slightly and then start shooting again between courses to fit them all in – I never knew you could get so many permutations of children in photos!).

I’ve now been able to get the Prom photos on the website and can start working properly on the model shoot images, a taster of which are below.

  • Allen said:

    I love the mood in the great image of the bride and groom, it really brings out their personalities :) I'm looking forward to more :)

  • martin Roe said:

    wow,Ian that doorway shot is a stunner, gorgeous bride and I love the light in the shot.

  • David Galloway said:

    Love the lighting in the last shot - and the wedding doorway image is stunning

    • Ian said:

      Thanks David - must admit I'm rather pleased too! :)

  • I really liked your toning on the first wedding photograph. Lovely light coming in thru the doorway and your finishing works just makes the image a standout. Nicely done!