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Bournemouth wedding photographerWho to tell you’re engagedUpdated 19 Feb 2018

Who to tell you're engaged
If you're reading this there's a fair chance that I should be saying "Congratulations"! So, who do you tell that you're engaged, and in what order? Before you let the world know the good news via Facebook or Twitter you might want to let a few people know personally. Why? Because families matter - believe me, they do! Nowadays it's tempting to share everything i[...]

Dorset wedding photographerAre weddings getting out of control?13th July 2017

Are weddings getting out of control?
There was an article recently on the BBC website where the following question was debated: Are weddings getting out of control? Over the past couple of years there’s been a change in the wedding industry. Couples moving away from simple, intimate ceremonies. Increasingly, couples are choosing to splash out even more on their wedding day. Multiple bridesmai[...]

Dorset wedding photographerHow to avoid expensive wedding photography3rd July 2017

How to avoid expensive wedding photography
It's been a while since I've posted due to various reasons, but I hope to be back "on track" soon. Lots of weddings to share with you! In the meantime, this caught my eye this morning. How to avoid expensive wedding photography by hiring professional wedding cameras It's been shared on a Facebook group for professional wedding photographers. The ad is from[...]

Dorset wedding photographerUnplugged weddings – should you have one? Part 221st Feb 2017

Unplugged weddings - should you have one? Part 2
A couple of months ago I posted about why you might want to have an unplugged wedding (click here to check it out). Today I'm looking at the flip side, why it might not be fair to ask people to put away their cameras. Points "against" unplugged wedding Your wedding day’s the only day in your life that will be fully documented. By your photographer and your guests. E[...]

Dorset wedding photographerDo you need to have an unplugged wedding? Part one11th Nov 2016

Do you need to have an unplugged wedding? Part one
If you look at the wedding blogs these days you'll often see articles about whether you need to have an unplugged wedding, with lots of reasons why you should go down this route. The question is, is this really for you? So, what's an unplugged wedding? It's something that's come across from the States (as have a lot of things in wedding photography in recent years!![...]

Dorset wedding photographerWhy you should talk to your wedding photographer | Advice for Brides11th August 2016

Why you should talk to your wedding photographer | Advice for Brides
Today's post is a tip regarding wedding advice. It's for Brides (and Grooms) - why you should talk to your wedding photographer What brought this about is a conversation I had at the weekend at the local Post Office. I was mailing some wedding albums and USBs out to my clients. The lady behind the counter asked what was in them and then said "Wish I'd had you[...]

Dorset wedding photographerWhat price wedding photography?20th April 2016

What price wedding photography?
If you were reading the tabloids last week, or watching posts on wedding forums you might have seen a story that was doing the rounds. It involved a young student photographer who was hired by a couple to take their wedding photographs. I won't go into the ins and outs of the story, but let's just say it didn't end well for anyone. They took her to court and now t[...]