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Dorset wedding photographerHow to avoid expensive wedding photography3rd July 2017

How to avoid expensive wedding photography
It's been a while since I've posted due to various reasons, but I hope to be back "on track" soon. Lots of weddings to share with you! In the meantime, this caught my eye this morning. How to avoid expensive wedding photography by hiring professional wedding cameras It's been shared on a Facebook group for professional wedding photographers. The ad is from[...]

Dorset wedding photographerWhy you should not micromanage your wedding vendors18th May 2017

Why you should not micromanage your wedding vendors
That's the interesting title of a recent article posted by In it, they explain why you have to put your trust in the professional vendors that you've hired for your wedding. Intriguing, but they've failed to include photographers in their list! The article points out that on your wedding day, your goal should be to behave as guests of honour. You should[...]

Dorset wedding photographerNeed help with planning your wedding?29th Mar 2017

Need help with planning your wedding?
Planning your wedding can be an absolute nightmare. So many things to be done. Decisions to be made. SO many choices. The question is  - where to start? Well, I can't offer a full guide, but if you're trying to plan a wedding and would like some hints and tips about different elements, I may be able to help. Advice for Brides On my site you'll find m[...]

Dorset wedding photographerDifferent styles – wedding photography guideUpdated 2 Mar 2017

Different styles - wedding photography guide
Choosing your wedding photographer’s an extremely important decision. One that you shouldn’t make lightly. It’s vital that you choose one that provides the style of wedding photography that you like. Otherwise you won’t be happy with the results. When I meet clients or talk to them on the phone for the first time I'll ask them what style of wedding photography the[...]

Dorset wedding photographerUnplugged weddings – should you have one? Part 221st Feb 2017

Unplugged weddings - should you have one? Part 2
A couple of months ago I posted about why you might want to have an unplugged wedding (click here to check it out). Today I'm looking at the flip side, why it might not be fair to ask people to put away their cameras. Points "against" unplugged wedding Your wedding day’s the only day in your life that will be fully documented. By your photographer and your guests. E[...]

Dorset wedding photographer2016, a wedding photographer’s year31st Dec 2016

2016, a wedding photographer's year
It's almost the end of the year. That time when the newspapers, the TV and radio channels are full of this or that "Review of 2016". Wedding photographers' Blogs are no different. Photographers looking back at their favourite images from the year. Choosing those images that mean the most to them. Or perhaps not wanting to leave some of their clients out of the r[...]

Dorset wedding photographerDo you need to have an unplugged wedding? Part one11th Nov 2016

Do you need to have an unplugged wedding? Part one
If you look at the wedding blogs these days you'll often see articles about whether you need to have an unplugged wedding, with lots of reasons why you should go down this route. The question is, is this really for you? So, what's an unplugged wedding? It's something that's come across from the States (as have a lot of things in wedding photography in recent years!![...]

Dorset wedding photographerDad’s first look – why I love this image3rd Nov 2016

Dad's first look - why I love this image
After a gap of (quite) a few months, today there's another in my occasional series. "Why I love this image". Today, a shot from Lauren and Andy's wedding - Dad's first look. Documentary wedding photography is all about capturing events as they unfold. Lauren and Andy married earlier this year at Parley Manor. I spent the morning with the girls, shooting the [...]