First snow of winter

I was supposed to be at a seminar about web-marketing today, but the weather put paid to that! Still, it gave me some time to spend on “me”, and what better way than to get out in the snow and take a few pictures?

I must admit that I wasn’t too disappointed – choosing between getting out and taking photographs or sitting listening someone talking about Google ad-words and pay-per-click advertising ….. it’s a no-brainer! All I need now is a winter wedding where the bride doesn’t mind getting cold for her wedding photographs in the snow!

A beautiful scene of a stream in Winter:

Photograph of river in winter - Dorset photographer

The wind picked up and blew the snow from the trees:

Photograph of snow blown from trees - Dorset photographer

Aged and fallen trees create an avenue to another world:

Photograph of snow covered avenue of trees - Dorset photographer

Anyone fancy an ice-cream?:

Snow covered plant creates an ice-cream cone - Dorset photographer

  • First one - simply stunning! I would have made a canvas print out of it and hung in my room... here in Florida, to remind me what it's like to have snow in December! :-)

  • I just love winter scenes, the bright white and cold feel is always pleasing to me, excellent work.