Are you a "Real Woman"? Dorset portrait photographer

Today marks my radio debut – OK, it’s not National, not even Regional – just local, but it’s a start! It’s all around my Blog post before Christmas when I mentioned that H&M were using computer-generated bodies of models – not that they were Photoshopping and enhancing real bodies, but that they’d “built” a model and then change the face, skin tone etc. to display different items of clothing!

That post led to a bit of an uproar locally, and several Business Mums got in touch, wanting to publicise how the “obsession” with figures places huge pressure on youngsters these day, and the damage that this causes to their self-esteem and even their mental health. As a result, we did a photoshoot in Bournemouth with “real women”, and today’s radio slot gives us the chance to talk not only about the shoot but also about the impact that the fashion industry’s behaviour has on the the public today.

So, a quick post on a BIG subject, and it’s off to the radio station I go! 🙂


Dorset wedding and portrait photographer

Dorset portrait photographer

  • Bev said:

    Hi Ian
    Love your work - it's amazing.

  • Kimberly said:

    Good luck with your radio debut! I hope you will post a link so we can hear it. As the mother of a 7-year-old little girl, this is a topic I'm concerned about. My daughter loves to hike, and bike, and run around outside. She has great muscles and is a healthy weight. When she came home from ballet saying that she's the thickest girl in the class I decided not to reenroll her.

    • ianhco said:

      Hi Kimberley - we're hoping to get a recording, in which case I'll post it to the Blog. It's a really difficult subject and there's a lot of pressure on youngsters.

  • Jo Harrison said:

    I think as you get older these sort of things bother you less, but I agree, for youngsters it's a tough... I don't remember there being so much photoshopping around when I was a teenager, I think I'd be a wreck now if there was!

    • ianhco said:

      I agree Jo, but a lot of people still have hangups about the way that they look (me included from time to time!!) :)

  • It's a difficult balance being a woman. You want to be true to yourself and not worry about media/marketing. I'm certainly alot more independant thinking about my looks than I was as a teen. My teen daughter is the one I worry about now.

    • ianhco said:

      I think there's always been pressure on girls, but even more so now with the media age - it's certainly not a problem that's going away soon.

  • ianhco said:

    Thanks Kizzy - yes, the radio was fun! :)