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Dorset wedding photographer2016, a wedding photographer’s year31st Dec 2016

2016, a wedding photographer's year
It's almost the end of the year. That time when the newspapers, the TV and radio channels are full of this or that "Review of 2016". Wedding photographers' Blogs are no different. Photographers looking back at their favourite images from the year. Choosing those images that mean the most to them. Or perhaps not wanting to leave some of their clients out of the r[...]

Dorset wedding photographerDo you need to have an unplugged wedding? Part one11th Nov 2016

Do you need to have an unplugged wedding? Part one
If you look at the wedding blogs these days you'll often see articles about whether you need to have an unplugged wedding, with lots of reasons why you should go down this route. The question is, is this really for you? So, what's an unplugged wedding? It's something that's come across from the States (as have a lot of things in wedding photography in recent years!![...]

Dorset wedding photographerDad’s first look – why I love this image3rd Nov 2016

Dad's first look - why I love this image
After a gap of (quite) a few months, today there's another in my occasional series. "Why I love this image". Today, a shot from Lauren and Andy's wedding - Dad's first look. Documentary wedding photography is all about capturing events as they unfold. Lauren and Andy married earlier this year at Parley Manor. I spent the morning with the girls, shooting the [...]

Dorset wedding photographerPhotographers should be honest2nd Nov 2016

Photographers should be honest
Hmnn, that’s an unusual title for a Blog post. “Photographers should be honest”. You might wonder if I'm implying some aren’t? Or is there a hidden message? The answer to both questions is no. Well, maybe. The changing face of the wedding industry Over recent years there’s been a massive increase in the number of wedding photographers in the marketplace. The adve[...]

Dorset wedding photographerAnd so it ends – time to enjoy life25th Oct 2016

And so it ends - time to enjoy life
It’s over. Finito. Finis. Finished. The end. Last night I finished my final wedding of 2016 - my wedding season’s officially over (cue applause and cheering)! It’s been a tumultuous year. Lots of lovely couples and stunning weddings. Wedding venues old and new. Happy, happy days. But it’s also been the worst year of my life, losing my wife 7 months ago and t[...]

Dorset wedding photographerStunning Northbrook Park wedding26th Sep 2016

Stunning Northbrook Park wedding
As they celebrate their first anniversary, a chance to look back on Tash and Will's stunning Northbrook Park wedding day. This was a day long in the making. Tash told me that I was going to be photographing her wedding - nothing unusual in that, but it was before Will had actually proposed to her! In fact, quite a while before he proposed! I knew Tash well from her[...]

Dorset wedding photographerOn Cloud 9 at The Italian Villa16th Sep 2016

On Cloud 9 at The Italian Villa
That feeling when a Bride sees her gallery for the first time and emails you .... Lovely comment from Naomi after she sees the photos from her wedding day at The Italian Villa in Poole. :) Italian Villa Poole wedding photography If you're considering a wedding at The Italian Villa (or indeed, anywhere else in Dorset or Hampshire) then please get in touch [...]

Dorset wedding photographerHotel Terravina New Forest wedding12th Sep 2016

Hotel Terravina New Forest wedding
Time really does fly by. Especially, it seems, when you're a wedding photographer! I often lose track of how many years it's been since my couples got married, so that's why they're now in my system calendar! Barely seems credible, but it's been a year since Charlotte and James married at the Hotel Terravina in the New Forest. The Hotel Terravina's a boutique hotel[...]