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Today on “Meet the Wedding Expert” I’d like to introduce you to Emma Newson-Smith , who runs Arcade Flowers in Ringwood. I’ve worked with Emma and her brilliant team many times, and Arcade Flowers is a recommended supplier for Beach Weddings Bournemouth – so I’ve seen lots of her Bridal bouquets and decorations down on the beach! Anyway, enough from me, let’s hear from Emma …

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 Tell me a little about yourself and Arcade Flowers.


A. I’ve always been a hands-on person and can’t sit still at a desk for long! So for me running a shop, coming up with fresh, creative ideas and making things all day long is a dream. I’ve had the shop for 7 years in March (the same age as Butler my dog!). We’re based in the town centre of Ringwood but cover quite a large surrounding area for weddings and events.

Dorset wedding photographer ianH photographyWhat services do you offer?


A. Our first love is wedding flowers and all that it brings! However, we do love the different aspects a shop brings such as gift bouquets, chatting with customers, working with other local businesses and helping with their individual requests. There really is nothing like working in a country village florist.

Dorset wedding photographer ianH photographyWhat’s your typical day like?


A. It’s never the same although it always (without doubt) starts with a coffee! Fresh flowers arrive first thing in the morning so it’s always an early start! Then it’s making orders, prepping for weddings, creative consultations with brides, writing up wedding quotes, window displays, sit visits…….the list is endless!

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What trends have you noticed for 2014/15? What do Brides want when they come to you?


A. Every bride is different and that’s what I really love about my job but if I had to pick a trend for next year I think it’s going to be very opulent and possibly even a bit of subtle shimmer (in a classy way of course!). This year has been very heavy on the natural, blousy blooms arranged in a loose and informal style – beautiful!

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What changes have you noticed in your field of business in the last 3 years?


A. I have noticed that brides are definitely focussing a lot more on flowers and dressing the venue. I think Pinterest has had a big influence on brides and creating their initial vision.

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What are the advantages of using a professional florist as opposed to going down the “DIY” route?


A. Nothing is ever as easy and simple as it seems. Every flower and season brings different challenges and these you learn with time and experience. Learning what flowers work well together and how to handle them is a skill we have trained in.

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What advice would you give Brides regarding choosing a florist for their wedding?


A. I think it’s important to look at the finer details and how the florist presents themselves – this will give a lot away about their standards and attention to detail which is paramount. Websites and social media are a good place to start when researching but word of mouth too has a huge importance.

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What tips would you give a Bride currently planning her wedding?


A. Start a scrap book, rip out pages from magazines, fabric swatches, colour combinations. Even start a page on things you don’t like. Meet with your suppliers in a relaxed environment and chat through your plans and vision so they can get to understand you as a couple and how you would like your day to look.

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Just for fun – which celebrity wedding would you like to be (or have been) involved with, and why?


A. Well as it’s just for fun…Kim Kardashian had a giant wall of flowers and that would have been great to be part of!

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01425 471037

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Meet the Wedding Expert – Arcade Flowers