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Do you have questions about wedding photography? Advice for Brides and Grooms

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Over the years I’ve picked up lots of useful information about weddings. As a photographer we’re probably the only people who get to see the wedding in all its stages – the planning, the day itself and the return to the “normality” of everyday life! ūüôā¬†I’ve written quite a few Blog posts with advice for Brides (and Grooms of course!). The only problem is, they’re buried deep in my wedding photography Blog. True, you could search for tags on the categories, but that takes too much time.

So I came up with the idea of creating this “Advice for Brides” page and creating links to those useful hints and tips. There will obviously be some information about wedding photography, but that’s not all. I’ll be posting about things like wedding planning, choosing your wedding venue, the flowers, and that all-important bit to keep everyone happy – protocol!

I’ll keep it updated as we go along and I hope you’ll find it useful. If there’s anything that you’d like advice on then please drop me a line by clicking the box below:

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Advice for Brides and Grooms

Engaged? Congratulations! But who do you tell, and in which order?

“Who to tell you’re engaged”

Engaged = step one.¬†OK, that’s the first bit out of the way, but what do we do next?

“What to do now you’re engaged”

Wedding venues. So many of them around, Which one’s best for you?

“How to choose your wedding venue”

Wedding Industry Awards.¬†¬†Everywhere you look on social media there’s another one popping up. Which ones (if any) should you trust?

Should Brides put trust in wedding industry awards?

Wedding Flowers. An expense that you can cut back on, or should you go with a professional?

“Why are wedding flowers so expensive?”

Good advice on wedding photography

Wedding photographs. An expense, or an investment for the future? My thoughts ….

“Wedding photography is an investment, not an expense”

Wedding photographs. Advice on how much you should budget for wedding photography.

“How much to budget for wedding photography”

Wedding photographs. Advice on how to choose your wedding photographer.

“How to choose a wedding photographer”

Wedding photographs. Really good advice why you should talk to your prospective wedding photographer before making your decision.

“Why you should talk to your wedding photographer”

Wedding photographs. A slightly contentious subject – my belief that photographers should be honest. Check out the post to find out why.

“Photographers should be honest”

Wedding photographs. Confused about different styles of wedding photography? Check out my guide.

“Different styles of wedding photography – a guide”

Wedding photographs. Documentary. Reportage. Photo-journalistic. Just what do those terms mean? Which style of photos will you get?

“What is documentary wedding photography?

Wedding photographs. After checking out the different styles, some advice as to why documentary wedding photography’s a key element to a successful day.

“Why documentary wedding photography is vital to the success of your wedding”

Wedding photographs. 5 top tips to make sure yours are great.

“5 things that ruin wedding photography”

Wedding photographs. Should you have an unplugged wedding? The case “for”.

“Unplugged weddings – part 1”

Wedding photographs. Should you have an unplugged wedding? The case “against”.

“Unplugged weddings – should you have one? Part 2”

Wedding insurance. More expense or a necessary contingency plan? Check out my thoughts on why it’s essential.

“Why you need wedding insurance”

Wedding planning. Should you ditch traditions? Vogue magazine suggests that you should. What do I think?

“Should you ditch wedding traditions?”

Weddings – take it easy on the day. Why you should slow down on your wedding day and enjoy it!

“Why you should slow down on your wedding day”

Weddings Рany regrets? Unfortunately not all weddings go as couples may have hoped!

“Regrets couples have about their wedding day”

Weddings – what happens if it rains?¬†No-one wants a wet wedding day, but you can’t control the weather! Some advice on how to handle it should the weather conspire against you.

“Advice on wet weather weddings”

Helpful advice for Brides and Grooms is just one of the “extras” that an established wedding photographer can offer. If there’s one person who’s seen most (if not all) aspects of the wedding day, it’s your photographer!