Venice – Fuji X100

OK. I admit it – I’m guilty! It’s a fair cop …. sorry! Guilty of what? Of not posting recently, but I do have a good excuse (well, I hope you think it is) ….

As a wedding photographer in Bournemouth I don’t get much time off during the wedding season. Correction – I had NO time off during the peak wedding season! If I wasn’t shooting weddings I was stuck in front of the PC editing the images. Now, the season’s not over, but things are starting to quieten down a little, which is nice. Anyway, earlier this year I heard of a fantastic workshop being run by one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world – Yervant. What was even better was that this wasn’t to be held in the US or Australia, but in Europe – in fact, in my favourite city … Venice. Checked the diary – didn’t clash with any weddings, so signed up and crossed my fingers that no enquiries came in for the dates I’d be away.

So, three weeks ago I packed my bags and headed off to Gatwick. I’ll post in a couple of weeks about the experience but I have to say that it was one of most rewarding “work” weeks of my career. A fantastic location, a great teacher and new friends from 18 countries  … it was brilliant. Here’s just a sneak peek from my first morning in Venice with the sun just above the horizon.

Oh, what’s that about the title of the post? Well, it was shot with my little Fuji X100, probably my favourite camera …. and it’s a lot lighter than carrying around my wedding kit! :)

Venice - Fuji X100 in St. Mark's Square

Sunrise over Venice, with the Fuji X100

However, on a business note …. if you’re considering getting married and looking for a wedding photographer in Bournemouth then please get in touch. I’m proud to be a recommended photographer for a number of the leading Dorset wedding venues and would be delighted to have a chat about what you want out of your wedding day, and how you want it recorded. Please use the contact form here on my website and I look forward to hearing from you.


Blog post: Venice – Fuji  X100

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Beach Weddings Bournemouth client testimonial

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – client testimonial. Sometimes clients surprise me! Today was one of those occasions. Sitting at the desk, editing done (well, for the moment) and an email drops into the Inbox. It’s from Crystal and Craig, whose lovely wedding I had the pleasure of photographing a few weeks ago at Beach Weddings Bournemouth. I knew that they were keen to see their photographs (aren’t all couples?) but today is Crystal’s birthday, so what might she like as a present? I pulled out all of the stops on the editing, and published their photos onto a private on-line gallery for them last night. Now, photographers, like all artists, like to get feedback from their clients – doesn’t always happen, but it’s nice when it does. If my clients are local I can meet up with clients to present the photos, but if they live out of the area, then it can’t happen. Hence, the on-line gallery, which they can share with family and friends around the world. Of course, they get their DVD, or album (or both), but the gallery’s a great way to share.

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings – here’s a lovely poem from Crystal and Craig – I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye! Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your special day, and 2 years after you booked me, it’s time for you to start your new life as husband and wife ….. with my very best wishes. x

The story begins two years ago,
I thought the time would go quite slow.
But then the day had arrived,
The day that I would become Craig’s wife.
You were there to capture it all,
The tears the smiles and my phone call.
You were there at the open days we attended,
But on the day that we intended,
To book you for our wedding day,
You were busy and had gone away!
None the less I was set on booking you,
I’d seen your photos and met your wife too!
From that day forward our story continues, 
And brings us to the day we all needed tissues!
Not only did you snap away,
You helped hold my dress on my wedding day!
You made everyone feel so relaxed and calm, 
Like I said before, even with my Mum! 
You took us away for our photos together,
That quiet time we had we will treasure forever.
We received our photos today,
Taken on our perfect wedding day.
Ian Hamilton thanks to you,
We will have these to treasure our whole lives through. 
But also as a surprise for my birthday,
You worked extra hard and sent them early!
A new life together we now start, 
And you have played a special part. 
You helped to bring our dreams to life, and captured the moment we became husband and wife. 
You became such a part of our special day, 
It does feel kind of strange to say,
Our last thank you to our photographer,
Who on the day was also our biographer.
Thank you so much Ian you are amazing as a photographer and a person and thanks just doesn’t seem enough.
Take care
Crystal and Craig
aka Mr and Mrs Pearce! :)
Beach Weddings Bournemouth-Crystal beach wedding

Copyright: ianH photography
A recommended photographer for Beach Weddings Bournemouth


If you’re considering getting married in Bournemouth then I’d seriously recommend taking a look at Beach Weddings Bournemouth if you want a very special Dorset wedding venue. Check out my page on Beach Weddings Bournemouth for more information. This lovely Beach Weddings Bournemouth client testimonial is just the tip of the iceberg on feedback from my clients. I’m proud to be a recommended photographer for the beach weddings as well as a number of the leading Dorset wedding venues and would be delighted to have a chat about what you want out of your wedding day, and how you want it recorded. Please use the contact form here on my website and I look forward to hearing from you.


Blog post: Beach Weddings Bournemouth client testimonial

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Fuji X100T sample images

Well, it looks as though my trusty little Fuji X100 might be moving on, or at least, moving over! Fuji recently announced the latest incarnation, the X100T which supercedes the X100S (which, in turn, superceded mine!).

Fuji have posted some sample images of the X100T on their website. You can also read some good first impressions from Kevin Mullins and Zack Arias

Fuji X100T

Here’s an extract from their Press Release …

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) is proud to announce the launch of the new FUJIFILM X100T premium compact digital camera. Equipped with the world’s first electronic rangefinder, an APS-C size X-Trans CMOS II sensor, high-speed EXR Processor II image processing engine and a FUJINON 23mm F2 lens, the X100T delivers unsurpassed image quality thanks to advanced color reproduction technology and the new unique Classic Chrome film simulation mode.

In March 2011, Fujifilm released the X100, opening up a new market for premium compact cameras. In February 2012, the second generation X100S was released, complete with a newly developed sensor, processer, and an advanced Hybrid Viewfinder. Now, the X100T marks the ultimate evolution as the third generation of the X100 Series, reflecting the feedback from customers for each and every part, including image quality, viewfinder and operability. The X100T is available in both black and silver versions and includes three key changes:

1)World’s first Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, complete with Electronic Rangefinder
The X100T’s optical viewfinder can simultaneously display the focus area by using the built-in ND filter. Users simply need to turn the camera’s focusing ring for a mechanical rangefinder-style view. Additionally, Focus Peaking and Digital Split Image modes can be selected and the magnification of the focused area can be changed.
With the optical viewfinder, Real-time Parallax Correction has also been added to ensure more accurate framing. Parallax error, which occurs during close-up shooting, is automatically corrected in real time so users no longer having to reframe after focusing.
In addition, reduced display time lag, automatic brightness control, and enhanced Live View setting have been added to the electronic viewfinder providing a more comfortable shooting experience.

2)Increased operability with the 1/3 stop aperture ring, command dial, 4-way controller, and seven Fn buttons
Until now, setting the aperture in 1/3 steps needed to be done using the command lever. Now, it is done using the aperture ring. Also, the command lever has been changed to a command dial, and with the addition of a four-way controller, operability has been dramatically improved. The X100T is also equipped with seven Fn buttons, each one of which is customizable, while the rear LCD hasbeen ungraded to 1.04M-dot 3-inch monitor, greatly improving visibility.

3)New Classic Chrome film simulation mode, developed through 80 years of photographic experience
Fujifilm’s unique Film Simulation modes that mimic the effects of photographic films help users to reproduce warm skin tones, bright blue skies and rich green trees. Classic Chrome, which delivers muted tones and deep colors, has been added to the existing selection.

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